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Spring Collection

Montauk, NY on the far eastern tip of Long Island is my home and one of my favorite seasons is springtime. Flowers are blooming again and everyone is in a happy mood because summer time is approaching. Waking up, going to the bakeshop for coffee and an occasional pastry, driving along the cliffs on the beach to go surf, meeting up with my friends to hang out and have lunch. Surf again and then have a home cooked dinner with my family. That’s my perfect spring day.

When designing my Spring collection with Volcom I wanted it to bring out the Montauk beach and nautical feel. I think it really has that in it but I also wanted pops of color like all the bright wildflowers that are starting to bloom.

I loved working with the Volcom design team; they allowed me to be really hands on, from picking the styles to the color and fabric. They’re really amazing! They really listened to my ideas and then incorporated their talent with sketching up some really cute pieces!

The designing process started simply, my mom buying me a binder and I just began filling it up with magazine tear outs while sitting on long plane rides. I brought in the tear outs to Volcom and the girls loved them and were throwing out so many great ideas.

My favorite piece is the striped sweater dress. Montauk is such a beach town that I’ve grown up wearing and living in beach cover-ups and cute little dresses. But living close to one of the major fashion cities in the world, NYC, I love mixing it up with more fashion forward pieces when I can. It’s all about the mix of both worlds for this line.

Check it out here: Quincy Davis x Volcomunity Spring 2013

Talking Personal Style

What is your Spring/Summer style? A loose fitting dress with a light jacket with a cute pair of flats or converse.

What do you wear most in the warmer months of the year? Well besides my bikini while on the beach, dresses or cute tops with ripped up shorts.

Being a surfer are you always in your bikini? YES!

Do you like to “dress it up” or dress down? Majority of the time dress it down, but I do love to dress it UP on special occasions.

On the normal day in Montauk, what would you wear? I would wear some sort of jeans and striped top with converse.

How does being a surfer influence your taste and style in life? Being a surfer, always in a bikini really makes me appreciate clothing that much more. When I do get to dress up I love it! There are so many more options for street wear than there is for just going to the beach. I love that bright beachy look but I also like dressing a bit more edgy when getting the chance. I’ve been obsessing over boots lately, from high to ankle ones.

Who is your favorite “style” icon? Explain. My favorite style icon is Marilyn Monroe. She was one of the most glamorous, classy and beautiful women. I just love her look.