Pro female surfer Quincy Davis' story and background

Born and raised in the beach town of Montauk, N.Y Quincy Davis first got on a surfboard because she was bored. Her brother and two best friends were always surfing, so eventually she tired of just tanning on the beach, decided to grab a board and that was it – she was hooked. She quickly established herself as one of the rising stars of the junior ranks, qualifying for finals and winning events around the world. These days Quincy splits her time between Montauk, NY in the summer and Rincon, Puerto Rico in the winter, and travels the world competing in hopes of one day qualifying for the Women’s WCT World Tour.

Montauk, NY has long since been an out post for fashion designers, photographers and artists. Growing up in such an eclectic environment Quincy was not immune to the influence of her surroundings. Being around such diversity and always being a short drive from NYC, Quincy was born with access into a world few surfers ever have proximity to. When Quincy had the opportunity to design her own collection with the surf fashion brand Volcom she finally had a venue to express her love of fashion and a chance to express her own personal sense of style. Working with Volcom on a clothing line gave her a rare opportunity to merge the two things she loves most in this world, Surfing and Fashion.

Get to know me

How old are you and where do you live and what do you like to do?

I’m 19 years old and I live in Montauk, NY on the far eastern tip of Long Island. I mostly am there in the summer time because my family also has a home in Rincon, Puerto Rico where we spend our winters. I am not a fan of cold water so that works out fine with me! You can find me at the beach in either place surfing with my friends and family.

I call both places home and they each have a special place in my heart.

How old were you when you first started surfing and who taught you?

I was seven years old, and my dad and brother taught me.

What are some of your favorite places to surf and what is it about surfing that you like so much?

I went on a trip to the Maldives years ago when I first became part of the Volcom surf team and I would love to go back! I have never seen water that blue. I also love surfing in Montauk when the waves are good, because I get to surf with all the people I grew up with.

To me one of the best feelings in the world is surfing all day with my best friends and being surfed out and tired.

What do you like to do when not at the beach for fun?

I love music - I like a pretty wide variety of music these days, rap, girly songs and sometimes even country but lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Rick Ross, Wiz, and Rihanna.

I also love going to the movies and my favorite actresses are Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Aniston and Amanda Seyfried. But my favorite movies of all time are Christmas movies. I love ALL of them!!!!

Who inspires you?

My friends and family inspire me the most. My family is so supportive of my lifestyle and career pursuits. They are always active like me and fun to be around. And then my best group of girl friends, I look up to them all in different ways; like sisters really.

Fashion freak

I love shopping. NYC is a quick car ride away and I can do some serious damage. Soho is my favorite spot in the city to wander around and shop. I also love to shop when I'm out in California my first stop is always the Volcom store to see what they have that I haven’t already ordered online and Fashion Island is the go to spot!!!

I love being able to wear simple outfits and adding cute accessories, it can make a whole outfit. A cute scarf or bulky necklace!

My Favorite fashion blogs-,, ,,

My all time fashion icons are Marilyn Monroe, Kate Moss and Chanel Iman and favorite models and celebrities are Cara Delevingne, Miranda Kerr, Rihanna, and Scarlett Johansson

I am OBESSSED with beauty products and some of my all time favorite products are Nars foundation, Covergirl lash blast mascara, Mac powder and Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer.

For sunscreen, which is an absolute must, I always use Shiseido on my face and nitrogen body. I reapply constantly with the amount of time I am on the beach and in the water I have to be really careful.

Clinique "dramatically different" lotion and Aveeno lavender body lotion are too of my favorite tools to hydrate.

Salt water doesn’t really equal soft hair so I use Moroccan hair oil, Keratin shampoo and conditioner, conditioner, conditioner!

I love getting manicures and pedicures and my go to brand is Essie everything!!! I love all her colors but my all time favorite is "Fiji" it looks so great with a tan.

Surfing Results

  • 1st - Corona Pro 2014
  • 1st - Corona Pro 2013
  • 1st - Corona Pro 2012
  • 2nd - US Open Junior 2012
  • 2nd - Volcom Champs 2012
  • Equal 3rd - World Junior Champs 2012
  • 7th - ISA World Surfing Games 2010
  • Runner up - Rip Curl Gromsearch Final 2010
  • 1st - VQS 2009